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Well, WTW....the last I checked...there is nothing fun about getting your butt handed to you 77-0! UT has also dealt with a similar situation (66-14 or something close), both to OU, so I wait to see how much better UH will be.

If I want to stand & chant in unison (sp?) and give in to conformity, I will go to a Catholic church (no offense to catholics, just the only ex. available).

I enjoy my times at Coog games, and would not trade it for the world...the Hawai'i Bowl, although a loss, was one of the best games I had ever witnesses...the TCWho game would be a close 2nd (loss as well). It is the show that I see, entertainment. If I wanted to see a "strong D and conservative O" I would watch baseball more often!

As it is, the UH Offense is the best show in the STATE!!!

So you go Whoop & Bend over! Or is it Bend over & Whoop? Not sure what the tradition is....what is it called? The farmer & the Sheep??
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