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Originally Posted by Lucky
Following are the run/pass plays for the Texans this preseason with Carr at QB:

1st Down - 13 runs/17 passes
2nd Down - 13 runs/9 passes
3rd Down - 3 runs/10 passes

Total Plays - 29 runs/36 passes
I remember last year that a lot of fans would call the talk shows and complain about how much we ran on 1st down. Vandemeer was quick to point out that the stats showed it was almost 50/50 run/pass ratio on 1st down. It seemed skewered somehow to me because I remembered more running plays as well, so I started thinking (kinda scary).
I think during the normal course of the game we run a bit more than we pass. Probably 60/40 ratio ( and w/DD I'm not complaining). However when we are in the 2 minute drill and when we are way behind, we pass on almost every down. Say we have 4 passes in a row for 1st downs in the 2 minute drill. Well,if earlier in the game you ran 4 times on 1st down and ended up 3 and out on each series then it would look like a balanced attack, but was it really? During the course of the the numers may balance out, but I think we run more when the game is close and we are not in a hury-up mode. Just one way to see the numbers don't really seem to tell the whole story. I would like them not to run the litttle delay up the middle on 2nd and long this much this year though. A screen mixed in there once in a while would be nice.
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