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What little news there is, is impressive. Hopefully, starting next week we will gain more insight into how things are going to look. There is no question that defense is Caper's comfort level. However, it appears that may be we have picked up a couple of gems offensively as well. While I'm a Berrian fan Its more because I think we have to pick up our offense as well as our defense. I'm liking what I hear about the return game and I'm getting excited about a couple of the WRers. It would be nice to have additional outside threats for the other team to worry about. Carr, if he has time, can deliver a very accurate ball. Something has been missing from our WRer chemistry and may be the new ones will help solve that problem. We will be very young, but if we remain healthy we could be a big challenge for a lot of teams this year. We had a good defense last year, but we should be a whole lot better this year with the new young players, and I believe, because of the defensive coaching changes. Not too many people are stressing the latter subject, but I think we are going to see some real big changes on the defensive side of the ball in the way we imploy our defense. I look forward to seeing all of the guys together and hopefully we will find we have a lot of that intangible chemistry that wins the big ones.
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