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Talking Passive Play Calling

Is it me or is the offensive coordinator too passive. I think the best player on the team is Domanick Davis. The player that gets the most pub is David Carr. If you want him to be the man, use him. I have no doubt that David Carr is a good quarterback, but if hes the so called man, quit running so much on first and second down. Put the dang ball in the air. It's not like we don't have the horses. One of the best hands on the team is Billy Miller, but we don't use him like we should. Domanick got a thousand yards last season, so if we throw to the tight end every once in a while (and keep the linebackers honest), he's liable to have a thousand five hundred. I'm going to steal a little something from Keyshawn. Give the receivers the da-- ball.

Does anyone feel the same as me?
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