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Always ball controll. The Texans have yet to gain an identity. This is the year to determine If they will be more pass or run oriented. The team is built for a balanced attack and there are no WR postions being faught for: Johnson-Bradford-Gaffney are locks.(for now) The Texan offense has employeed the zone blocking scheme for the first time this season;this allowing the one two punch of Davis/Hollings to adjust to the flow of the lineman and find the open hole. Much depends on the RB's natural ability to find the hold and react lighting fast. There will be a lot of cut backs and boot legs to keep the defense off balance. Hollings and Davis can get around the corner. Carr is unproven only because he has been running for his life for 2yrs. Attitude, fortitue and gratitude are our measurements to date and he gets an A in my book. Look for the best protection of Carrs career this year and help us judge his worthyness as the Texans #1 franchise player. The Texans D have played the 3-4 from day 1. Capers used it and coached it for Pittsburg and In essance the 3-4 desguises the 4th down lineman. It will sometimes confuse o-lineman because they only line up against 3 guys and are not sure who to block.(In theory of course). Our Safety is Coleman a pro-bowl CB who has shifted to make room for Daunte Robinson (CB,1st rnd,04). He is the x-factor. DR will start at CB as a rookie and will be thrown at exclusivly till he picks off a few. It will be frustrating be patient. Special teams is our specialty. Somehow we got lucky and aquired pro-bowl quality kickers. Brown/Stanley. Will be next year to get a signature returner. The Texans are building for the long term not dumping huge amounts on veteran quick fixes. They invested in Bosilli and lost which got them off to a rocky start on the cap game but are doing well in that regard. Look for the gurus to fill in with stats. The Lions and Houstons (oilers/texans) NFL franchises have a lot in common. We are both OLD OLD players that have yet to scratch since the old AFL days ( the glory years ala Blanda etc.. ) Lions/Oilers dominated the AFL and have never won it all in the NFL after all these years.
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