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Default Need Some Answers

Hi everyone. I am a new transplant to Houston so I am trying to do some research on them for several reasons. 1.) I am a Lions fan through the years and am trying to write an article for about the Texans for a Lions message board (as a preview of teams we will play). 2.) As a new Houston resident, I feel it necessary to know about the 'hometown' team (as I can root for them because they in the AFC, except week 2 ).

So, I know alittle bit about the defense, but I have some questions regarding the offense. For instance, 1.) what is the offensive philosphy? Is it ball control? What formation is used more often, 2 WR's 1 TE, double tight? 3 wide with TE, or 3 wide no FB? 2.) How is the Oline looking? What is the realistic outlook for them? 3.) Is DD the man, or will he split time with Hollings (I think that's his name)? 3.) Who is going to win the #2 WR (Bradford/Gaffney?)? #3?

As far as D., I just need to know about the Safeties, and if Walker is going to hold up.

I appreciate an unbiased opinion as possible, and in return I can offer the same for any questions you may have about the Lions.

I will say that Texas is on the way up (as are the Lions) and they would have a much better outlook for the seasoon if they didn't have to play Tenn, Ind, and Jax twice. And game 2 will be a great game, two young up and coming teams.

Thanks for your help.

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