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Thanks for the hospitality Yeah I'm not sure about the Kitna deal either....But when you really think about it, it just has to be done. Kitna is good and what happens if he goes out and has another great year?? Then you're right back in the same situation as this year, and Palmer who has great potential is still wallowing on the bench and not learning. I was never a very big Kitna fan myself but he earned a lot of respect from me last year, and finally started to play within himself. And as long as he's not trying to do too much and force throws he's a good QB, but he still has a tendency to force the game during crunch time it seems. He did improve a lot last year though and as he improved he proved that he has the ability to be good in the league. I really would like to see them trade him to San Fran though. One, just because I think it would be easier on Palmer because if he struggle I'm sure all the sports show callers and pundints will be calling for Kitna. Two, I really think Kitna wants to start and he deserves the chance to, and if we can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick out of it, I think it helps both teams. Anywho back to the Palmer thing. I think the guy is the real deal, and the team is setting up to make the transition as easy as possible on him. The team looks to be setting up for a run heavy offense with the addition of Bobbie Williams a big masher at guard and drafting Chris Perry to go with Rudi Johnson. Plus the rest of the line is good and the recievers are good with Chad Johnson, Peter Warrick and Kelly Washington (who is rumored to have been working out like a madman this off season and might push Warrick for the other starting WR). Anywho the Palmer seems to have a good attitude and the ability to let mistakes roll off his shoulder and not effect his game, and he has a strong and accurate arm. Plus he has Ken Zampese (who seems to be a great QB coach) to help him learn to read defenses. So I think Palmer has all tools on offense to succeed and they aren't going to ask him to go out there and win games with his arm right away. In the long run it's best for the Bengals to get him on the field. He's going to make mistakes like any rookie, but he'll learn. It's still their ability to stop the run that concerns me.......I think they'll figure it out though, and I'm sure we'll have a Texans vs Bengals matchup to see who goes to the Super Bowl this year
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