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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
Everyone can say what they want about Hollings, but the fact is the players have confidence in DD and not Hollings. Hollings has yet to earn their respect. He has to show what he can do in a real game and until that time, he will simply be 2nd string. The line changes are not because of Hollings abilities to run the ball. They are designed to take advantage of DD's skills.
Hate to bring this thread back up but on SR610 today Capers was asked by Rich about why they put in the new zone blocking schemes and he said that the reason they switched to a zone blocking scheme was because and the end of each season he looks at what other teams have been successful doing and he said that he loves how Denver has been able to run the ball over the years and noticed how successful the Ravens were with it and also said that it would work out with the atleticism of the line, Capers didnt metion either RB once. He didnt say "We switched to zone blocking because of DD".....

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