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well i've posted on this subject many times...people can agree with what i think or people cannot...but i've met marcus at a tech football awards ceremony a few years ago...and the guy i met was just your average guy...wasn't a drunkard(previously called)...and probably has made his fair share of mistakes but who hasn't...this wasn't just i got to say wow it's a honor to meet you kinda thing...we talked for about an hour or so...from everything from music to football...i've talked to guys who played with him and they all had the best things to say about him...he's a team player...but he is human...we all have the ability to make mistakes...i do want hear the facts about this incident when they do come out but i also realize that it is he's personal business...something stars and pro athletes don't have anymore...but they are still entitled i will respect any disciplinary actions taken in this matter and leave it at that
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