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The mystry for this year is the defense and not the offense. I have a feeling the Denver game is going to be a good indication of what the year is going to be like. In David's last year at Fresno it was simply could Fresno outscore the oposition, because the defense wasn't going to hold anyone down. I think we have that possibility with the Texans this year. I think we are going to surprise a lot of people with our offense this year. I suspect we will be in several shoot outs this year. David is beginning to show the maturity that's required in the NFL which comes with time played. I think this year's offense will become our best defense, because if we are in the lead it will pressure the other team into making mistakes. I look for a miserable year defensively. I think the injury bug will be in force again this year. We will have to draft a number of new young defensive players inorder to destroy the injury bug. Until then all we can do is hope.
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