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I actually think that the Chargers are going to play Breeze at the beginning of the season but then Rivers will over take him as the season rolls on and the losses mount. It is a tough situation in San Diego right now. There are many out there (and here) who really do like both quarterbacks. The potential with Rivers is unbelievable. Folks in North Carolina are bias because of the obvious N.C. State connection to Raleigh but it is for the most part homer's passing a lot of hot air.

Looking at the game comming up, I dont think that if Breeze or Rivers is starting it will make *that* big of an impact for the Texans. It will give an advantage to the Texans if Rivers is in there sure - and I dont think he'll have the ability to pick up disguised coverages or blitz's as well as Breeze. So that has something worth mentioning.

A few points about the Chargers that has their fans posturing. Their O-line is decimated. Their recievers core is depleted on top of not being very good in the first place. The defense is soft in the middle. And I dont think that they are going to quite know what to do with the screeching bookends in Peek and Babin. I think that with either guy in there (Breeze/Rivers) the Texans win.

With mincing a few words, our guys need to stuff the freakin' run. Tomlinson needs to get shut down. And needs to not catch the ball in the flat and then scamper for 15 or 20 and first down yardage. That has been his bread and butter. If we contain LT and keep a target on him all day, then San Diego will have a very hard time winning at Reliant. Just mho.

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