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Ragone has not had a fair chance to develop here in Houston. David Carr is another young QB who is the cornerstone of the team, so he is naturally going to get as many reps as possible to speed his development...especially with the first team. Tony Banks is the second priority because he is the backup and needs to stay sharp in case Carr goes down with an injury. Ragone gets reps during the preseason because of the high number of players in camp, but I doubt he gets very many reps with the first team.

During the regular season practices are shorter and there are a lot fewer reps available with the first team. Carr probably gets about 80-90% of the snaps with the first team during a typical game week and Banks probably gets the rest to stay sharp and a little familiar with the starters. Ragone is limited to scout team work. If Carr were to get injured, Banks might end up getting all the snaps with the first team that week to prepare to play.

I think some of the criticism of Ragone has been because fans were expecting him to progress along the same growth rate as David Carr. However, look at how much time Carr had with the first team as a rookie compared to Ragone. From the first day of camp, Carr was the starter and getting the starter's share of snaps with the first team. On Ragone's first day of camp he was battling for the #3 spot and getting a lot fewer reps. Once the regular season began Ragone was probably not getting much work, especially not with the first unit. He certainly never had the majority of snaps with the first team until the two weeks he was the starting quarterback. And then he was thrown to the wolves:
1)against two good defenses (Jacksonville and Tampa Bay)
2)on the road both games
3)without his starting RB (the first game against Jacksonville)

Ragone has the tools to be a pretty good NFL quarterback, but he needs reps and then playing time to develop. As a Longhorn fan, I am glad Chris Simms is in Tampa Bay and not in Ragone's position. I think Texans fans are going to start complaining about the Texans drafting Ragone instead of Simms, but it has been a difficult situation for Ragone and would have been an impossible one for Simms because he would have had the added pressure of playing in the state of Texas. In Tampa Bay, Simms has had the chance to be groomed as the QB of the future.
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