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"The Texans had two long scoring drives that featured several tackle-breaking runs by running backs Domanick Davis and Tony Hollings.

However, Denver's defense did stiffen at times, and defensive end Trevor Pryce had a big night with two sacks."

This is a quote from the Denver Post. This is all they said about the Texans offence while writing a glowing report of how dominate there offence was agains us. No mention at all about Waker,Pane,Babin, being out. Nor any mention that the 2nd and 3rd string were in when they scored the majority of there TD's. I think the homers in Denver are setting up there fans for a let down. With Anderson out they have to depend on that little 5'-7" dude to be the hoss. The Texans were throwing him around like a rag doll.
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