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I don't think Coleman should be cut at this point. I don't think that driving with a suspended license quite rates high on the list of offences that will bring the downfall of or shame to the Texans organization. If he repeats with the DWI he should get the same deal the crackheads get- a 1 year suspension (assuming of course, he doesn't kill or hurt someone in the process). I agree that he should have gotten someone else to drive, though.

I don't condone drinking and driving but, its not like the substance impaired drivers are the only ones you have to watch out for these days with half the drivers talking on the phone, running the lights well into the red, and the excuse of "road rage" we are all lucky to survive any excursion away from home; there are drunk, stoned and sober id iots behind the wheel everywhere. Do I sound paranoid?

Dead is dead and it really doesn't matter if you are killed by a drunk, a guy looking in the floorboard for his Tupac CD or some chick who is putting on makeup while she is reaching out and touching someone.

Every year we see athletes/ entertainers abusing one substance or another, get arrested, go to rehab or get suspended, do community service telling all the little kiddies "Don't do --insert your favorite vice here---" and then repeat the process until they are dead, have a near death experience or kill / injure someone. How many strikes should we allow?

If you are continuing this Cowboys=bad/ Texans= good pissin contest purely for entertainment value have fun but, if anyone thinks their making a point- give it up already.

WE ARE NOT THE COWBOYS AND DON'T WANT TO BE THE COWBOYS, SO DO WE KEEP COMPARING OURSELVES TO THEM??? Finding one of their players that has commited a bigger F up than our player's F up doesn't justify our player's F up; does it?

Sorry, my ADD kicked in a while back and I jumped around a bit.
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