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Originally Posted by Joe Texan
This will be dealt with by the NFL and the Texans and it will be dealt to Marcus himself. You have no authority to dish out any punishment so put a sock in it. We have the best front office in the NFL and they will deal whats fair. I will accept what they say and I will respect the innocent untill proven guilty rule. Every thing that is said about punishment is premature at this point. Patience is what will decide Marcus' and the teams fate.
I am sure Marcus will respect the "if you do the crime, then do the time" rule.
Hey Joe Texan how can you tell me to "put a sock in it"! I`m not handing out Punishment. I`m saying the laws need to be changed. All it takes is THE 1ST TIME!It`s obvious that you have not lost a Love one to a drunk driver. My Parent`s next door neighbor lost the only granddaughter they had . She was celebrating her 18th Birthday. On the way home she was hit head on by a Drunk Driver never made it to her Graduation! The Grandparents have never been the same. Its like their heart was ripped out of their chest! That is why I have been so vocal about this thing (DUI of Colman). This is much bigger than NFL or Texans. It is like the Pink Elephant in the Living Room. It`s obvious that Colman has a drinking problem (IE:was found asleep on 59) Why wasn`t a Breath and blood test done then? You have to wonder what other times has he crashed into something before this? Only reason he got caught this time was beacuse he couldn`t get his car started and back on the road. Colman if you are reading this please get HELP! Your not drinking RESPONSIBLY! Because it is just a matter of time before you become a statistic IE:Rams Little :-( Hopefully this will be the wake up call you need! Joe Texan next time you tell me 'to put a sock in it" Think about the Families who Love 1`s didn`t make it home last night because someone got behind the wheel after not drinking RESPONSIBLY and unfortunately miss the tree and hit a Car or Pedestrian! I`m curious are they any people out there that have lost a love 1 because of a Drunk Driver? If there are you have my deepest Sympathy
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