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Originally Posted by SESupergenius
I'll say it....CUT HIM. If it happens once, it can happen again. We don't need that type of stuff.

But don't even compare the off field problems of Dallas to the Texans, shoot, your QB just got booted this year for drugs. Compare Dallas' off the field problems with the other 31 teams and tell me what you find. Where do you think Dallas ranks? I would say pretty pun intended.

I'm not comparing the 2. Just trying to make the point that star players don't get cut. Perfect example is Q. Do you think Aikman would have been cut? People harp on the off the field problems they had or have but they won 3 rings with that team. NO GM,Owner or coach would have broke that team up.

As far as the off the field problems compared to the other 31 teams. That depends on when you are talking about. I would say pretty low now.
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