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Default Tony's Role

I think that the quickest part of Tony's game that will improve and we will see great results from is going to be his receiving. If the five yard rule is enforced, imagine putting Hollings in motion matched up against a LB or NB who can't be physical with him. Not to mention safety valve screens where he is in space against one to two defenders.

Let's say in the next two years it is evident that he just can't run between the tackles with any regularity and be a 100yd/gm rusher. What if his role becomes third down and passing situation back like Westbrook last year in Philly? Learn to pick up the blitz, chip block on the end, run a draw or two through gaping holes, catch a screen or split out like Faulk or M. Bennett effectively going three or four wide with speed against a safety or LB.

If he can do that effectively and consistently starting next season, I would be happy. Not a homerun draft pick but certainly not a bust.
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