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Originally Posted by DominatorDavis
Your coach is a jerk. Everyone knows it. Ask any writer on the NFL what they think of Cowher - outside of the ones on Pittsburgs staff. Maybe even them too. He has a bad habit of crossing people the wrong way. Let me just say that. You may have an affinity toward the man but what I am telling you is gospel.

You are on the Texans board Steeler-fan. I'm sure that Pittsburg has a message board somewhere where you can say all the good things about the Steelers that you want. But here you will from time to time be challenged.

Pittsburgh came out ready and laid the wood to us - it will concede that. That was a drubbing. Hands down.

Lastly, I do hope that Cowher, you, and your city are now content and able to sleep again after such a convincing victory.

First do you have any proof? All the interviews and past players who played for Cowher that i know have done nothing but speak good things about him. I don't live anywhere close to Pittsburgh so i am not biased to their sports writers. How has he crossed people? All you have done is make an opinion with nothing to back it up. Your words are far from the truth. I don't think Cowher is a great coach and certainly don't happen to be a coddler. You act like you have some inside info though.
Second i love when i go to an opponents board and someone like you has to reaffirm the stance of "its our board don't you have a board to go to"! Listen dude i was on the old board back in 2002. I don't care if you rip the Steelers or not. One thing i have is an extremely thick skin so its going to take a lot more then your little winefest to get me to never come back.If i can take the heavy traffic of the Eagles and Browns board,this place will be a piece of cake.
If you've noticed i made no mention of the preseason game in this thread. It doesn't matter as its just a player evaluation scrimmage. The game back in 2002 has no bearing upon the 2004 season. Its obvious that win means a lot more to you now then the loss did to the Steeler fans.
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