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Default DFAN should know

The list of Cowboys involved in incidents involving drinking and driving makes the list of oscar winners look like a small town school.

Drew Pearson drinking and driving killed his brother in an accident

Dwayne Goodrich drinking and going about 110 mph ran into an accident and killed 2 good samaritans who were helping accident victims

Erik Williams cost himself a season drinking and driving by smashing his car at a high rate of speed into a wall breaking his leg

So we should listen to DFAN sure he is being a hypocrite and smug about an issue he has no business throwing dirt over, I mean this is the FIRST incident involving a Texans players.

We have yet to do all that the Dallas Cowboys have done to gain such infamy, I mean when the majority of jokes made about your team include a drug reference. When you draft a player who is on probation for guns/drugs and you make him a starter while he is on 10 years probation for violations of laws and you pick him you got to think the whole tree is rotten from tip of tree to roots.

Nothing more needs to be said!!!!
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