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This is really one of those messed up situations where no one wins.

Let me start off by saying I am 32 years old, do not drink, never been drunk, much less driven after drinking. I do not condone drinking and driving and would prefer no one ever do it.

Reality? Every day and night someone is on the road driving that has just been drinking. How many of you have gone to a restaurant, bar, etc. and had a couple of drinks and drove home? How many of you have friends that do this? With the current legal limit, it is easy to to be legally drunk with limited impairment.

I find it funny that when suddenly an athlete is involved in something that many adults do frequently, that it is now one of the worse things ever to happen.

Fortunately, Coleman did not hurt anyone in the mistake he made and I can only hope that he has learned his lesson. Only time will tell if he has learned his lesson with driving while intoxicated.

And although Coleman did break the law by driving with a suspended license and should be punished, he was not found drinking this time so hardly repeated his past mistakes. If he was not drinking, it is not like he suddenly lost his ability to drive with his license suspended. If sober, he would drive the same with or without the license which is either safely or not. I do not see how this offense can be linked with his DWI other than this happening while on probation for that other offense.
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