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Originally Posted by Dilbert R.
"He needs to keep his drunk butt off of the street.." - DFAN

Who is this guy? A Dallas fan knocking Coleman for this? Give me a break! He wasn't drunk this time, and paid his debt last time - even serving time in jail. I want Coleman to walk the line too - but lets not start making comparisons to Little for the Rams as if this is what Coleman has done. He was wrong - paid for it. This time it is a suspended license violation. Hardly warrants a comparison to someone who killed someone.
Now what is wrong with Coleman? Is he having personal trouble, or is this line of thing something he's done before? So far I am looking for him to be a great Safety and am glad for the move - but not if he is going to start down a road of causing such problems for himself, and be a distraction for the team.
NO he wasn't drunk but his licence was suspended for the dui. So it's ok to drink and drive as long as you don't kill anyone like Little? Maybe it's just me but there should be no tolerance for drinking and driving. Period.

I much rather an athelete set in a hotel room with some hookers and smoke crack all night than one who gets smashed and decides to get on the road and take a chance of killing someons mom, dad, son, daughter, friend.....
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