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You and I both know that Cowher has a "beat the preseason texans" bonus clause in his contract, mulpwr. You're not fooling anyone!!!

moving on to my Hollings v. Davis impressions thus far...

Hollings has that darned speed about him. I think that he'd be a heck of a denver back, in that if the hole is there where it's supposed to be he can fly through it. The thing that bothers me is that I'm not seeing that "get the extra inch" mentality so far. I think that Hollings is the kind of guy who could be lethal behind a dominant oline, but will live and die with the holes the line can create.

Davis creates. If the designed lane isn't there, he can first see and then bounce to another spot. He also has that mindset that if the choice is between 6 more inches and a big hit by the linebacker, or just rolling on the turf--he's getting those 6 inches every time. That attitude sometimes turns 6 inches into 6 yards. He may not ever be a big strike kind of runner, but when a play breaks down he's the guy you want in there. In fact, Davis's first standout play (in my eyes) came when he bounced off a 'sure' tackle in the backfield and turned it into a 15 yard gain.
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