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Default Re: Finally: Romeo Crennel Hired as DC

Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel, 8/01

(on the progress of the defense) “They’re learning a new system. They’re putting in the time. They’re working hard to try to understand it and grasp it and I think that they’re making progress doing that. They’ve got great attitudes and they’ve been working really hard, so if we can keep that up, I think that we’ll make enough progress to be competitive.”

(on his defensive staff coming together) “It’s a good staff. I like the guys on the staff. We can communicate, talk to each other, agree to disagree and then come out on the same page and that’s a good sign about that.”

(on Jadeveon Clowney) “Well you can tell that he has talent but he hasn’t been out here that much. He’s recovering from that little minor surgery he had, so we’re still working with him through that but he’s beginning to be in on more plays and do more things and I think that as soon as we can get him out there more, he will improve more.”

(on Trevardo Williams’ status) “I think he’s been released, from what I understand.”

(on the nose tackle battle) “Well, we’ve got some young guys there, that they are all working to try to understand the system here again and to try to make some things happen. But we still have a ways to go yet and I think that they know that.”

(on if it’s hard to evaluate the defense when its going against an offense that is also learning a new system) “True. Generally, defense comes along a little bit faster than offense. Offense, they have a tendency to do a lot of things, more things than we’re doing. Defense, if you can react and you run and chase the ball and tackle, then you can make plays. Even if you do screw up, you can make a play and you still look halfway decent. Offensively, there’s more precision on that side of the ball, so generally it takes them longer to jell and show up.”

(on Kendrick Lewis) “He understands the system. He knows what we’re looking for and he can help the other players as far as technique goes and as far as my personality goes. It’s beneficial that way.”

(on what the other middle linebackers look like with Brian Cushing out) “I think (Justin) Tuggle has done a good job, (Max) Bullough has done a good job as Mike linebackers and the guys who are calling the signals are in there. (Jeff) Tarpinian and (Mike) Mohamed, both of those guys have done well. I’m encouraged by the group overall and I’m encouraged that they’re going to be able to get some things done in this system.”

(on if Brian Cushing is closer to coming back and being able to play) “He’s working with the trainer and the trainer will let us know. The trainer tells us he’s making progress, so hopefully he’ll be able to get out on the field soon.”

(on how having Brian Cushing back will change the complexion of the defense) “Any time you come back from an injury, you have to see how you do. If he can do ok and do what we expect him to do and what he’s done in the past, I think that will help the defense improve.”

(on Brooks Reed) “I like his versatility. He can play inside. He can play outside. That’s why we worked him inside some in the offseason. Now we’re working him outside. So he provides us that flexibility. Then on game day, when you start counting numbers and things like that, having a guy that can play two positions is a value to you.”

(on Kareem Jackson playing the nickel cornerback position) “Well I think he enjoys that position. I think he likes playing it and I think he’ll do a good job at it because he can cover a little bit. You’ve got to have a guy who can cover there.”

(on if anyone has surprised him on defense with effort and standing out) “There’s great effort by everybody. You cannot help but see J.J. (Watt). He just shows up with his effort and the way he goes about his job and working at it.”

(on players knowing the assignment of the other players around them on defense) “That’s the way this system works. You have to work together in the system and I have to do my job so the guy next to me can do his job. If we all do our job, then the defense looks better.”

(on D.J. Swearinger) “D.J. has good ability. D.J. enjoys playing football. That’s the best thing about D.J. and I think that you’ll see it when game time comes, particularly. We’ve got him playing a couple different positions and he enjoys it and he’s sticking to it and he’ll be a valuable guy for this team.”

(on the nickel cornerback position being potentially tougher than the outside corner positions) “It’s learning. That’s the thing about that position because (D.J. Swearinger) is a safety but being at that nickel position, he comes down. D.J. comes down (and) becomes a linebacker. Just like Kareem (Jackson) is a corner, and then he goes inside and basically he becomes a linebacker. You have double-learning and you’ve got to be sharp enough to pick up on it and get all those keys for all those positions. But those guys are doing very well at it and they’re working at it. We’re encouraged by what we see.”

(on the free safety position) “What we’ve done is we’ve taught the safeties left and right. As we start game planning, then we might make a guy our down safety and a guy a deep safety. But they’re both left and right safeties and both have to learn strong and free.”
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