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Originally Posted by DominatorDavis
from Fiddy that means the Texans have already seen something in Hollings to state that he would carry half the load so there was no reason to play him....

I disagree. There was a major reason to continue to play him. Who do they put in there? Split time between two guys who just showed up for practice last week? Its very dangerous to do that. I think that they were keeping Hollings in there two fold: 1) further evaluation of Hollings to see if he can endure a 20 carry game - which he did and 2) quite simply there was no other alternative. It was an act of necessity. I believe that the conservative play was engineered to keep Hollings from injury. Not to take it out on the field and just dominate guys.

There is no doubt that the Texans see something in Hollings. We all do. For those of you who are Hollings bashers I really do feel for you. This guy is special and we are lucky to have him on our team.

More so then that I think that Cower wanted to lay it thick this game since we embarrassed him in 02 with only 47 yards in offense. Its ok though - our guys will not go into the season with malaise and puffed ego's. Cower wanted to show that 02 was just a fluke and that by giving us a good drubbing in the pre-season he has somehow undone all of that which has hurt his own sense of respectability. An expansion team beat him. That is a seasoned coaches worst nightmare.

I personally do not like Cower. I think that he is a spineless back stabbing ego-maniac. More so then that, most former players feel the same.

Lastly, is really sucks that Anderson got hurt. I really liked that guy.

You think Cowher ran up the score in a meaningless preseason game to get revenge on the Steelers regular season loss in 2002? You may hate Cowher and thats just fine. I see no reason to believe though Cowher would do that.It wouldn't serve no vindication.Your opinion might be what some fans think though. In regular season games,if the Steelers are up big they don't rub it in by trying to pile on points. You feel that former Steeler players think he's a jerk? I would love to know where you got that opinion from.
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