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Originally Posted by Fertguy
I am a chronic lurker, who enjoys reading insight, keeping up with team news, views. Therefore, since I rarely post, I tend not to criticize too much (although there are a few *****s out there that let their keyboard prove their own lack of knowledge) Mistril, your insights are generally decent with good takes, but other than myself, I think no one needs the season to actually start worse than you. When you begin to evaluate non-existent things such as level of Terrific Twelve players, you are in serious football withdrawal. In just two weeks you will get your fix. Until then we are both really searching.

I like your takes and just giving you a hard time.
Thank you for taking the time to post! I appreciate your comments and as you suggest can hardly wait for the season to begin ... almost as much as next years draft! j/k

Everyone enjoys different experiences out of being a fan. Some like to party and paint their faces ... some like to absorb just enough in case the boss asks a question at the water cooler. Some are salary cap experts and we are fortunate that they share their efforts with us. I say to each his own. I particularly enjoy watching a franchise being built (perhaps that's why I cancelled my season tickets the day the Rockets traded Horry and Cassell).

I think that the Texans have done an excellent job (imagine trying to hope for a team with a 40 year old QB, a 'fired' WR and a cast off RB). I feel the key to building a franchise in a salary cap regime is having productive, less-expensive players. In the early years, the Texans didn't have a chance. I believe the Texans have now positioned themselves to ensure that they are one of the top franchises, regardless of their record this year. I believe we will all have an opportunity to enjoy this in the upcoming years.
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