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Originally Posted by BuffSoldier
Wow, averaging 3.8 yards per carry, fumbling 3 times and haveing a long run of 14 yards sure was stickin it to 'em.
Look deeper into the stats Buff:

1-10-HOU23 (11:26) T.Hollings right end to HST 22 for -1 yards (D.Nguyen, T.Newman).
2-11-HOU22 (10:47) T.Hollings left guard pushed ob at HST 36 for 14 yards (R.Williams).
1-10-DAL37 (9:37) T.Hollings left guard to DAL 32 for 5 yards (G.Ellis, D.Coakley).
2-9-DAL24 (7:46) T.Hollings left guard to DAL 23 for 1 yard (J.Brooks).
1-10-HOU25 (4:08) T.Hollings up the middle to HST 27 for 2 yards (M.Wiley).
2-8-HOU27 (3:31) T.Hollings right tackle to HST 31 for 4 yards (L.Glover).
2-9-HOU42 (1:16) D.Carr pass to T.Hollings to DAL 23 for 35 yards (P.Hunter). FUMBLES (P.Hunter), recovered by HST-M.Bruener at DAL 27. M.Bruener to DAL 27 for no gain (D.Coakley).
1-10-DAL18 (:00) T.Hollings left end to DAL 12 for 6 yards (P.Hunter).
1-10-DAL17 (12:35) T.Hollings left end ran ob at DAL 6 for 11 yards (T.Dixon).
1-6-DAL6 (12:06) T.Hollings left end to DAL 6 for no gain (L.Glover).
2-6-DAL4 (11:21) T.Banks FUMBLES (Aborted) at DAL 6, recovered by HST-T.Hollings at DAL 4. T.Hollings to DAL 4 for no gain (L.Glover).
1-10-HOU11 (6:22) T.Hollings left guard to HST 15 for 4 yards (B.James; K.O'Neil).
1-10-HOU26 (5:15) T.Hollings right end to HST 31 for 5 yards (K.Davis).
2-5-HOU31 (4:39) T.Hollings left end to HST 34 for 3 yards (S.Smith).
3-3-DAL4 (3:39) T.Hollings up the middle to DAL 4 for no gain. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Lee at DAL 4.
1-10-HOU34 (2:51) T.Hollings left end to HST 37 for 3 yards (Ja.Brooks).
2-7-HOU37 (2:08) T.Hollings right guard to HST 37 for no gain (R.Wingrove).

The dash is to seperate a 2 quarter rest

Not even I said that Hollings was a goaline back. If you take away his goaline carries and the 3 carries after an hour and a half on the sideline his 54 yards on 11 carries has a 4.9 ypc average. And please dont say "DD would have gotten it in from the 5 yards out" because I will have to remind you about the game against the Pats when we had the ball at the one and Davis couldnt punch it in from 1 yard out. And then you are going to say that the Pats had the best Defensive line in the league last year, the Cowboys arent a pushover on their Defensive line. And most importantly they are two different backs. And if you count the 3 carries after his one and a half hour on the sideline, the yards per carry goes to 4.1. And if you exclude the one from the 5 yard line again, the average is 4.4 ypc...

The coaches have to know that Hollings isnt going to be a back that can punch it in from within the 10 yard line when the defense can stack the line, he is a speed back that works well in space. 5 yard per carry average in the when he wasnt trying to run between the tackles to punch it in and didnt have to sit on the bench for 90 minutes??? Thats pretty good against a good Cowboy defense...

And dont forget the 30 yard screen play, he fumbled but the play was nice...

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