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Originally Posted by Fiddy
How soon we forget the Dallas game. Even with the fumbles, Hollings proved that he could run and move the ball effectivley and remember that the defense he was running through was the 1st ranked defense from a year ago...
Wow, averaging 3.8 yards per carry, fumbling 3 times and haveing a long run of 14 yards sure was stickin it to 'em. Hollings had an OK game, but I really wouldnt say he was that empressive, I would say most of his success came to the great blocking that the o-line was giving him, they wore out that dallas front 4.

And why would you mention having an average game in the 1st pre seaseon game. Its not like he was amazing. If anything I think he was the 2nd worst out of all the best. Dunta, basically shut down Keyshawn Johnson, Carr completed 6 of 7 passes, the whole defensive front 7 was a monster, the o-line played great, the only person Hollings beat out in that game was Babin , though Babin had a sack and a forced fumble.

Oh, and why is everyone so hung up on Hollings speed? Is that the only thing he can do, run fast? Hes shown no cutback skills, vision, no tackle breaking ablility, and mediocer hands. All that I know he can do is run fast, if thats all you need, why dont we sign Maurice Green after the Olympics and put him in the backfield, Im sure hes much faster than Hollings.
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