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Originally Posted by Number19
I still have several comments/questions.
1) Reading up on the 34, my understanding is that the NT lines up over the center (obvious); and the DE's line up on the outside shoulder of the OT's. Filling the gap between the NT and the DE is an ILB. The OLB's line up further outside of the DE's. On the left side, this means he lines up over the TE.
Essentially, the NT is head up on the center and resposible for the two A gaps (between the center and guard on both sides). The DEs are essentially heads up on the two offensive tackles and they are responsible for the B gap (between the guard and the tackle) and the C gap (outside the tackle). Hence, the NT and the DEs are playing a two-gap technique. Not infrequently, the defensive linemen will 'shade' by setting up on the inside or outside shoulder of the offensive linemen they are assigned to, but usually they are still responsible for the two gaps. This is perhaps most obvious when the NT lines up on an angle with his nose on the center and his butt facing towards one of the side lines.

In the above scenario, the two interior LBs are essentially lined up heads up on the guards, but approximately 8-9 yards off the line of scrimmage. In a perfect world, the defensive linemen are absorbing the offensive linemen, demanding double teams and the interior LBs are freed up to make the tackle (for example, it when it takes the center and a guard to move the NT out of the hole), or at least the interior LBs are taking on the fullback in the hole to close it.
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