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I have tried with a passing interest to understand just what the heck you are talking about with your "terrific 12" comparisons, but I think you are in your own little world on this one. First point of contention; you are a year early with your little break down, but of course you already know that. Second, I would have traded Joppru for Foster on draft day, without even knowing about the injury. Now I would trade him for a 6 pack of warm Schlitz and a half eaten moon pie to anyone who will take his money off our books. Hollings for Tatum Bell? where do I sign?? Babin for DJ Williams? Yes please!! Even comparatively, as much as I like him, Pitts for Portis in a heartbeat!! so no, this does not apply
Would you trade our players, above, for their players, above. I donít think so!
I agree with fertguy, back away from the NFLPA site and take a nap until Sept 12th!! I also think it would be fair to include Bailey, since he was traded for one of their magnificent 7 or dirty dozen or 3 wise men, or whatever. Smith and Wade were not in our case.
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