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I'm not going to judge a player on his rookie campaign. Especially when he is relegated to spot duty behind a patchwork street free agent DL. Just look at what Pitts, Hollings, Gaffney and Carr did their rookie seasons. They weren't stellar either, but I am not going to comdemn them for it.

Peek has shown quickness and some moves in practice, training camp, and preseason over the last two seasons. He needs to translate that into production when it counts though. He lacks discipline and that has been his biggest downfall.

Peek has POTENTIAL to be a damn good pass-rusher. The same thing with Babin. I'm not going to claim to know which one will be better in the long-run. Right now it is too early to know. 2-3 years from now we will though. I'm not saying Peek will be better. I'm just saying I have no idea at this point. Heck if Peek continues to do stupid stuff (like losing the playbook), he may not even make it through this season.

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