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Walker is good, just had an injury problem last year and may take a little more time this year. You can say the same thing for Glenn, other walker, or all the tens of thousands of injured Texans we had last year. It's a strong possibility that some of those will take some time to heal. I just think that this is one of those situations where a 'need' in a draft should have been addressed. Babin may be good but we had 2 of our starters out with pretty significant injuries last year and it's pretty rare that a 3-4 team goes after a linebacker in the 1st round. Add to that the potential progress of Peek in his 2nd year as a 3-4 linebacker then we could have done without the Babin pick. Babin is going to take a while to get proficient in the 3-4 and may be good someday, but we did have pretty good depth before him. The D-line on the other needed some good healthy bodies to make the 3-4 successfull. Payne was big questionmark so you really don't know about his status until late in the pre-season. Seems like we should have added some insurance there. We added R. Smith, but he only replaces someone that should never be a starter in the 1st place.
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