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Originally Posted by infantrycak
IMO it would be fair to add Champ Bailey into the mix although with the new contracts signed by both Bailey and Portis they have lost the savings characteristic of a terrific 12 member.
underline mine.

If you include Champ, then wouldn't it be fair to include Robaire Smith, or Tood Wade ... what I'm trying to say is that the money that the Denver spent on Champ (or Portis) cost them another free agent, who could have filled another position of need.

I feel that comparing how teams are doing with these players gives you a good gauge on how they will perform now and in the future. Are they headed up, or down. You can't pay free agent type money at every position, so you need a strong pool of these type of players.

I believe that Texans were disadvantaged ... have now caught up ... and are poised to be in a very strong position next year and comparing them to other teams we play illustrates that.
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