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Every years draft is different with differing depth at certain positions. Ultimately Babin is a better player and will probably have more production then Peek.

In the 2003 draft, it was thought that Peek would go in the second from the Bearcats. But because of the "run" as they call it, on certain positions, some guys get bumped back in the draft. On the flip side exactly that happened to Babins position in his draft class. There were less quality DE in that particular draft so the good ones get snatched up sooner. If that means trading up to do it, then you do it. So that is what the Texans did.

On thing that you will notice is that neither one of these guys will quit on a play.

I think that I read somewhere that Babin was a state wrestling champion in Michigan. That means two things. He is faster and quicker then almost anybody that you or I know and probably much quicker then a majority of the guys in the NFL. It also means that he is a surpurb athlete with incredible balance and the ability to use his body to create leverage. In 2 preseason games he has had 2 sacks - in the scrimmage with Miami he threw a constant wrench in the offensive works for them.

I think that it was good to get him.

Our pass rush will be dramatically improved with those two guys on the field.

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