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I finally was able to watch the game. The score was aweful, but I thought the offense played as well as expected given the plays they had to run. I did not quite get the point of running 2nd and 16, but I am not the coach. Maybe the Steelers gameplanned for this a little more than the Texans. I could tell by that third drive that this offense is capable of moving the ball. That is all I had to see. The defense did make them punt a couple times. The most embarressing play was by Foreman when that 2nd string back brushed him off and blew bye him. I just wonder if that is a wake up for him. Realistically I would have thought he would have been meeting the rusher at the LOS instead of 5 yards past. Other than that play I will just take the game for what it is. Can't wait til Friday.

BTW Babin is a rookie. Ask me about him in week 8.
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