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Originally Posted by BigDTexansFan
He calls 2 running plays which don't work, so in 3rd and loooong (which anyone knows is a passing down)..he throws. I mean if he is no smarter than that maybe we need to let David call his own plays, you can't keep calling conservative football take some chances Palmer or let QB call his game we might lose but we sure won't lose games like we have trying to play it SAFE...he did that last week instead of going for end zone when we had ball on 6 he called running plays......I know I saw several times last season where Carr would come off field and talk on phone and then in frustration throw it down...
Ummmm... I don't get it. So if your first 2 running plays get stopped cold, you want him to run the ball again on 3rd and long? And as for last week, our running plays would have gotten us the TD if not for stupid penalties and fumbles. Plus, this is an evaluation period. No one is going to go deep into their playbook in the preseason. All he wants to see is if we can run the ball consistently and if we can throw worth a damn. Right now, I'm not really worried about our offense. We've been able to move the ball better than we have ever been able to, and I don't expect our Caper's D to put up such a pathetic display like it did in Pittsburg when the season starts. The Pittsburg game sucked, but I didn't take it too seriously.

The only thing I really worried about was our O-line, which we've been hyping up alot the past few weeks. You would have thought our O-line would be in the top third of the league the way people have been hyping it up lately.

Also, isn't Palmer responsible for bringing up and teaching some of the best QBs in the league? I think we're pretty lucky to have him actually. However, if he plays too conservative like he did last season (which was understandable for a 2nd year team), than I'm going to raise a few eyebrows.
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