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Default Re: Bob McGinn on 2014 NFL

1. KHALIL MACK, Buffalo (6-2, 252, 4.57, 1) Four-year starter at OLB in a 3-4 defense. "Buffalo was the only team that recruited him," said one scout. "Love that kid. (Expletive), yeah, he's better than (Anthony) Barr. He can do whatever he wants." Tremendous athlete (40-inch vertical jump). "He can do anything," another scout said. "He's the best defensive player I've ever evaluated. In watching him in the MAC (Mid-American Conference), he makes it look like he's playing against eighth-graders." Registered nine tackles and 2 sacks Aug. 31 at Ohio State, often beating LT Jack Mewhort. "But he played damn good against Ohio State and pretty average against the rest of those (expletive) teams that they played against," a third scout said. "He didn't dominate his competition. He tests out, tough, strong. But it's going to take him awhile." Although his Wonderlic scores of 13 and 17 were low, two scouts said they detected no hesitation in his play. "Is he truly a pass rusher?" a fourth scout said. "All I see him do is bull rush. Can he bull rush big offensive lineman in the NFL?" Finished with 327 tackles (75 for loss, tying Jason Babin's NCAA record), 28 sacks and 23 big plays, including a record 16 forced fumbles. From Fort Pierce, Fla.

2. ANTHONY BARR, UCLA (6-4, 251, 4.46, 1) Initially followed in the footsteps of his father, Tony, a Notre Dame RB who was drafted by the Eagles in the fourth round in '92. Played sparingly as a RB and TE for two years before moving to ROLB in a 3-4 for 2012-'13. "He has an extremely high up side," one scout said. "Talented pass rusher. Slippery. Needs to get better at the point against the run but has great range and is good in coverage." Finished with 151 tackles (40 for loss), 23 sacks and 13 big plays. "Is he just a (3-4) outside linebacker?" a second scout said. "Or is he Dave Robinson in a 4-3, tall and rangy? He doesn't play to his size at all. He ought to be kicking their (expletive) and making 'em like it, you know? I hate to say it but UCLA has the reputation for having better athletes than football players." Ran a fantastic 40 at pro day. "He's a poor man's poor man's DeMarcus Ware," a third scout said. "UCLA guys used to worry me but (Jim) Mora has changed the culture there. This kid hasn't had much time on defense." From San Pedro, Calif. Wonderlic of 28. Added another scout: "He has more ability than Clay (Matthews). Doesn't always play hard. You wonder about his grit."

3. DEMARCUS LAWRENCE, Boise State (6-3, 250, 4.72, 1-2) Redshirted one year and played another in junior college, started 23 games in 2012-'13 at Boise and declared a year early. "Down defensive end there," one scout said. "Pass rusher. Kind of a rangy guy. Got length, some rush skill and pretty solid production. He's had a few off-the-field issues. You hoped he would run much better." Finished with 120 tackles (34 for loss), 20 sacks and 10 big plays. Garnered 12 sacks in his JUCO season. "I like him as an outside backer," said another scout. "Problem is he's been suspended three times." Wonderlic of 20. "He's a little guy who is quick but not strong," a third scout said. "I don't know what the heck you're going to do with him. He didn't play linebacker there. He strictly rushed the passer. He's not physical. He was extremely disappointing. In fact, the entire Boise State team this year was disappointing." From Aiken, S.C.

4. KYLE VAN NOY, Brigham Young (6-3, 245, 4.66, 2) Three-year starter. "He's silky smooth," one scout said. "He's not a balls to the wall guy all the time. It's not that he dogs it. He's just so fluid. He's not a grinder, knock the snot out of you (player). He's just a good football player. He can rush and he can drop." Finished with 226 tackles (62 for loss), 26 sacks and 22 big plays. "He is jack of all, master of none," a second scout said. "Very sound player. Got an NFL body. Lacks a little physicality." Wonderlic scores of 13 and 16. "Extremely instinctive," a third scout said. "Good pass-rush ability. Best player on that team by far. Could be a 'will' or a 'sam.'" From Reno, Nev. Will try to overcome short arms (315/8) in role as a pass rusher. "I don't like him," a fourth scout said. "Big guy that plays soft. Just not really a great athlete."

5. JEREMIAH ATTAOCHU, Georgia Tech (6-3, 250, 4.59, 2) Played three seasons as an OLB in a 3-4 under coordinator Al Groh and then at DE in a 4-3 as a senior. "He's whatever you want him to be," one scout said. "He reminds me a lot of (ex-Bear) Mark Anderson. He can get on an edge and switch a gear on you that you don't think he has. I don't think he's a guy that can drop much. He may be able to buzz the flat or swing with a back on a flare. He's naturally more of a 3-4 outside guy. Is he a top-tier guy from suddenness, speed, length? Probably not. But he comes in and competes right away. He has played for Al Groh so the verbiage will be second nature for him." Finished with 196 tackles (43 for loss), a school-record 31 sacks and seven "big" plays. "The knock on him is just innate feel for the game," another scout said. "But he's got the body type, the burst, the want-to." From Washington, D.C. "Best thing he does is come off the edge, but he's really stiff in space," said a third scout. "Played linebacker in the Senior Bowl, and I thought he struggled with his movement and instincts all week."

6. MARCUS SMITH, Louisville (6-3, 251, 4.68, 2) Was a high school QB in Columbus, Ga., but was shifted to defense almost immediately. Started 31 games at DE, finishing with 86 tackles (32 for loss), 24 sacks and 11 big plays. "He will be drafted higher than you think because he has some pass-rush potential," one scout said. "Might be a pretty good investment. His best production came when he had his hand in the dirt and rushed. I don't see him as an immediate starter. He doesn't have the lower-body build to anchor the run. It will take a year to teach him to play." Played standing up about 70% of the snaps as a senior. "Kind of a hard fit for a 4-3," said another scout. "He's got a knack for rushing. Some of it's inside. He rushes against backs. He's more athletic than Attaochu."

7. CHRISTIAN JONES, Florida State (6-3, 239, 4.74, 3) Said one scout: "No instincts. Looks the part. No instincts." Started 37 games outside and just two in the middle, but several teams are taking a hard look at him inside. "If you look at him you'd say he'd be a great inside backer," a second scout said. "You could do it but you're just not going to get the most out of his ability. Now if you play him as an outside 3-4 guy that rushes a lot, he'd be much more natural. Florida State moved him to a down DE spot and I thought their defense started to play much better." Finished with 225 tackles (24 for loss), eight sacks and seven big plays. "He's always been a guy that sits behind that three-technique (DT) and just runs and chases and hits," said a third scout. "Athletically, he could play inside, but it would take some time for him." Willie, his father, was drafted in the second round by the Raiders in 1979 and had 10 sacks in '81. From Winter Park, Fla.

8. ADRIAN HUBBARD, Alabama (6-6, 257, 4.67, 3-4) Fourth-year junior with 26 starts. "Got all the measurables," one scout said. "Just stands and watches. He certainly looks the part, but he doesn't play the part. They tried to drop him some at the Senior Bowl and the guy struggled. Somebody will take him because he has a great frame and good growth potential. I think he'll play down." Finished with 83 tackles (18 for loss), 10 sacks and three big plays. "He stinks," another scout said. "There's nothing to him. Low motor. No pass rush. Not very strong. Not explosive." From Lawrenceville, Ga. "Great basketball player in high school," a third scout said. "Very outspoken type kid. He's going to speak up and challenge you."

9. PRINCE SHEMBO, Notre Dame (6-1, 254, 4.68, 3-4) Three-year starter at OLB in a 3-4. "Very disciplined in how they played him," said one scout. "He wasn't turned loose. He can rush the passer." Posted 145 tackles (24 for loss), 19 sacks and three big plays. "He's only 6-1 and doesn't make many plays," said another scout. "Questionable instincts. He can run. Can't play off the ball. I don't know what you do with him. He's got to be a 3-4 outside guy." Was removed from one's team board after he acknowledged at the combine that he was the player linked to an alleged sexual assault of a student who committed suicide 10 days later. He was not charged. "You're not ever going to get an explanation," said a third scout. "You've got to either trust the kid or dismiss him altogether. He's a good football player." From Charlotte, N.C. Wonderlic of 19.

10. KEVIN PIERRE-LOUIS, Boston College (6-0, 234, 4.50, 4) Weak-side starter from 2010-'12, strong-side starter in '13. "He will be a great nickel linebacker," one scout said. "The guy can really run. He's tough. Good coverage player. If you can tolerate his size, he has the athletic ability and coverage skills to make up for it." Wonderlic of 24. Highly emotional person. From Norwalk, Conn. "He's a run and chase guy," another scout said. "Good player, just small at the point of attack. Makes plays all over." Posted 360 tackles (23 for loss), eight sacks and four big plays.
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