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Default Re: Bob McGinn on 2014 NFL

Rating the NFL draft prospects: Offensive linemen
1. GREG ROBINSON, Auburn (6-5, 329, 4.91, 1) – Redshirted in 2011 before starting two seasons at LT. "He's such a massive human being," one scout said. "He's explosive, everything. He overextends some, but he's a better athlete than (Cyrus) Kouandjio and way more powerful. He'll mash you. You can see his punch. He comes off the ball. He's not as tall as (Orlando) Pace but he ran good, too." At the combine, his arms were measured at 35 inches, his hands at 10 inches, and he scored 22 on the 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test. "He's bust-proof," another scout said. "He might be a right tackle, not a left tackle. He's got great feet and great punch. He mauls people." Not so fast, according to scouts who worry about his underdeveloped pass-protection skills. "I love Robinson, but what hurts him is he doesn't know how to pass block yet," a third scout said. "It's not his fault. It's the scheme." From Thibodaux, La.

2. JAKE MATTHEWS, Texas A&M (6-5, 308, 5.04, 1) – Latest pro from the famed Matthews clan that includes Hall of Fame father Bruce, perennial all-pro uncle Clay Jr. and standout cousin Clay III of Green Bay. "He'll walk in and play left tackle and sit there for 10, 12 years," said one scout. "If he plays like his dad, he'll be there 19 years. He's an easy choice for anybody. Real consistent. Technically sound. Moves well. Got a great demeanor." Three-year starter at RT before replacing Luke Joeckel at LT in '13. "He's an all-pro guard in my mind and probably could be an all-pro center," another scout said. "He played much better at right tackle than he did left tackle this year. But you can't miss on him." Scored 32 on the Wonderlic. "I do think he could (get knocked around)," a third scout said. "He's got short arms (333/8). I don't think he'll be a left tackle. People fall in love with the last name. If his last name was something else, I don't think he'd be picked as high, honestly. Jake Matthews is a very good player, but I don't see much difference between him and Zack Martin." From Missouri City, Texas.

3. TAYLOR LEWAN, Michigan (6-7, 311, 4.85, 1) – Four-year starter at LT. "He's had some off-the-field issues," one scout said. "He's also bigger, more athletic and has longer arms than Matthews. He's the fastest O-lineman in the draft. I know he can pass protect from left tackle. He is the guy that is not getting his real due, OK?" Also led tackles in the broad jump (9-9), bench-pressed 29 times and posted 21 on the Wonderlic. "He'd be an OK left (tackle) and a good right tackle," another scout said. "There's some issues there, I'm sure. Somebody described him as Eddie Haskell, which is probably a good analogy. I don't worry about that. But you don't want to be getting calls at night on the guy." Has repeatedly lost his cool on and off the field. "He's got a mean streak," a third scout said. "He's eccentric. When he was young, he'd ride around campus on a tandem bike. Not a typical Midwestern lineman." From Cave Creek, Ariz. "(Jake) Long was better because Lewan is undisciplined," a fourth scout said. "He's a better athlete than Jake Long, but he's not as tough. He's about 10% of the leader Jake Long was. Lewan's in it for himself. He loves it when people tell him how great he is. It's to his detriment."

4. CYRUS KOUANDJIO, Alabama (6-6, 322, 5.57, 1-2) – Third-year junior started two seasons at LT. "Extremely long arms (355/8) and an outstanding pass protector," one scout said. "Still learning the run game and getting good leverage. That's going to come. You're talking about a left tackle for a long, long time." Ran a horrendous 40 at the combine and worked out poorly. "Boy, after the way he ran, (expletive), I'd be scared of him," said another scout. "That was terrible. Wait 'til he starts matching up here. I don't think it's going to work. If anything, I think he's got to go to guard." Blew out an ACL two years ago but it remains a major problem. Executives from two teams said their doctors flunked him, and two other clubs expressed concern. "Some teams will say they're not worried about it, he can give us four or five years," a third scout said. "He does have ability. For whatever reason he just did not play to that ability this season. Very inconsistent this year. Probably needed another year." Won't turn 21 until July. From Hyattsville, Md.

5. JA'WUAN JAMES, Tennessee (6-6, 311, 5.28, 1-2) – Four-year starter at RT. "Athletic enough to play either side but more suited to the right," one scout said. "He can walk in and start for you right off the bat. Solid, not spectacular. Has a lot of talent. One of those eight- to 12-year guys as a starter if he can stay healthy." Has 35-inch arms. "Very intelligent (Wonderlic of 25), great kid, solid player," said another scout. "Great family. Just draft him because you'll never have a problem with this kid." From Suwanee, Ga. "He's kind of like (Alabama's D.J.) Fluker from last year," a third scout said. "Just a big, powerful guy with long arms."

6. JACK MEWHORT, Ohio State (6-6, 312, 5.38, 2) – Started at guard in 2011 and at LT in 2012-'13. "I can't get him in the first round because he falls off too many blocks," one scout said. "He's got athleticism, toughness, leadership skills and work ethic. Somebody will get a real solid player there in the second round." Bright (Wonderlic of 36), committed and has 34-inch arms. "He doesn't have a dominant feature that would put him in the first round," another scout said. "He's not athletic enough to play left tackle, and he's not powerful enough to play right, and he doesn't bend well enough to play guard. If he does go first round that's a huge reach. Kind of like when Atlanta took the kid from USC (LT Sam Baker, 2008)." From Toledo, Ohio. "He's a tough kid, a throwback," a third scout said. "I don't want him as my left tackle. He's not athletic enough. To me, he could play guard. If (the 49ers') Alex Boone can do it so can this guy."

7. MORGAN MOSES, Virginia (6-6, 312, 5.20, 2-3) – "I was disappointed in him, I really was," one scout said. "He looks like Tarzan but kind of plays like Jane." Made his first 30 starts at RT and his final 12 at LT. "In September, I'd have said forget this guy, he's overrated," another scout said. "But the guy had a really good year doing what he does best, and that's outside pass pro. Not a good play-strength guy. Not a good run blocker. Has never really embraced the whole process as far as passion and work ethic." Long arms (353/8). "He's got some fatal flaws in terms of stiffness," a third scout said. "I could see him being a starter but not a very good starter." Although fearing he might revert back to his lazy past, a fourth scout said, "He may sneak into the bottom of the first. He's a better player than (Seantrel) Henderson and (Antonio) Richardson and a 1,000 times better kid and teammate." A fifth scout gave him a fourth-round grade. "Those Virginia offensive linemen scare the heck out of me," he said. "They're always athletic as heck but they're soft. There's something about Virginia. Maybe it's too academic or something." From Richmond, Va.

8. ANTONIO RICHARDSON, Tennessee (6-6, 330, 5.30, 3) – Goes by "Tiny." Third-year junior with 24 starts at LT. "He's not a sudden twitchy guy, but he's so big and massive," one scout said. "He's not a fast, short-area athlete. Probably better on the right side, and maybe down the road he can move inside. But you've seen guys with worse athletic ability than him get it done on the left." Played on a surgically repaired knee in 2013 and appeared hampered. He's off one team's board medically. "At one time people had him as a potential first-rounder," another scout said. "I did not see that. I don't like his lower body. He's top-heavy. I don't see the power to play the right side or the agility to play the left side." Strongest tackle on the bench press (36 reps). Has 35-inch arms, too. "I wouldn't bet on it (becoming a starter)," said a third scout. "He's not tough enough, smart enough, all that stuff." From Nashville, Tenn.

9. SEANTREL HENDERSON, Miami (6-7, 335, 5.05, 3-4) – Started 26 of 43 games at RT. "He's got a big, beautiful body but he didn't play with a sense of urgency," one scout said. "He quit on the (pro day) workout. I thought he was a lazy butt down there at the Senior Bowl. I'm not much for taking them dogs myself." Certainly looks the part. "He has the talent to be right there behind the Auburn kid (Greg Robinson)," said another scout. "He's amazingly athletic." He admitted to scouts and in interviews that his multiple suspensions were because of marijuana use. "Off the board," a third scout said. "Dope, dope and more dope. He needs help." From Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul, Minn., where he was the nation's No. 1-rated offensive lineman in 2010. "Personally, I wouldn't (draft him)," a fourth scout said. "But you start going through the board of guys that can actually start in the league and be good starters, I mean, there aren't many guys. Somebody will take a flier on him." Wonderlic of 15.

10. MICHAEL SCHOFIELD, Michigan (6-6, 303, 5.01, 4) – Started 10 games at LG in 2011 next to Lewan and the past two seasons at RT. "If Taylor Lewan wasn't there you'd hear about him more," one scout said. "There's not a lot of difference between them. He's physical. Very tough. He's a good football player and a great kid. He doesn't get by 50." From Orland Park, Ill. "He's a backup," another scout said. "He might start at guard but he's got to get stronger. He's an average athlete. He's one of those old, solid, play-for-eight years Michigan guys. But I wouldn't want him as my starter."
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