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And when did I make a difference between pre-season and regular? I said every game. I'm sorry but it's not just our 1st stringers that are the "Texans". I'm speaking of the entire team here. Maybe you forgot about last years game vs. Chiefs. I'm just saying that they need to go into every game, pre-season or regular, with the same hunger and fire as their first.
And I said that veteran players are not going to have the same level of intensity in the preseason that they do in the regular season. And I never mentioned anything about first stringers. Most backups on this and every team are veterans. They know what they need to work on to get ready for the regular season, and they are doing it.

A sixteen game season is a long time for a football player. It is unrealistic to expect them to get as intense for a preseason game as they do a regular season game, especially the first two preseason games when they are doing two-a-days the week of the game and not spending any prep time for that week's opponent.

If you want hunger and fire during the preseason, go roast some hot dogs or watch the guys who are playing during the fourth quarter for a roster spot.
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