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Originally Posted by texasguy346
I think most people have calmed down from the loss by now, but from what I've read on the board the main complaint was the lack of effort and intensity the Texans showed on Saturday. You'll see it too when you watch the game. Most people aren't concerned with the loss itself, but moreso the way we played. I think AJ pointed out in another post that Capers was furious with the team, and rightly so. Would he have been even more upset with the team had it been a regular season game? I think it goes without saying he would (and yet I said it anyway). The starters didn't play the whole game for the Steelers either, and they didn't gameplan for us either. It was essientially domination on both sides of the ball. It's a reason for concern, but it's not a reason to panic. I'm sure when we face Denver we will see a team closer ressembling what we saw against Dallas than we did against Pittsburgh. We will have the benefit of gameplanning like a regular season game, and the starters will see 3 quarters of work. It should give us a better idea of where the team is at, but also the outcome of the game isn't as telling as the way we play throughout the game.
You completely missed the point of that whole post.
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