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Originally Posted by aj.
So we should all feel better and hold our criticisms because "we didn't show anything." BS.

Preseason or no preseason, that was a pathetic effort by the Texans last night from an execution and emotional standpoint. Even with a base system, they should have performed much better. It's totally within reason to criticize that "effort" because it's never all right to get your a$s kicked by 35. Luckily they have a couple weeks to get their heads on straight.

If it wasn't such a big deal, why then was Capers as angry as anyone has ever seen him and why was the Texans locker room closed for longer than normal after the game? He wasn't handing out game balls, that's for sure.
As a fan, I really don't place much importance on preseason games. I watch them because I love football and like to see the new players, but I don't get high or low based on the results. I have faith in this coaching staff to get the team prepared for the regular season, which is when the games start to count.

If I were a coach on the Texans, I would be extremely upset about the lack of effort or intensity and would spend the next week tearing a new hole into every player. I would especially light into veterans who played poorly like Jamie Sharper, Jay Foreman, Steve McKinney, Todd Wade and let everyone on the team know there is no room on this team for players who don't give everything they have. The coaches have been preaching the need for consistency and that starts in the preseason.

I realize the Texans have issues that need to be corrected and that this is the place to talk about those issues. I also have faith in the coaching staff and players to correct most of those mistakes. However, some people are failing to see the big picture and are making mountains out of antbeds.
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