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The rookies are playing well considering they are rookies. Robinson has played extremely well and Babin has 2 sacks after 2 halves of work. Sure, Babin has lots of room for improvement.....but he is just a rookie. You make a big deal of Robinson giving up a few receptions, but I think he did a tremendous job considering there was no pass rush and the officials were calling every little touch a penalty.

Last week I thought Hollings did a good job except for the fumbles, but I said that at least it was in the preseason when he would have time to correct his mistakes. Even though he was hit in the backfield a few times, he held on tight to the ball. That was a positive.

The Texans played poorly against the Steelers. That is a fact. However, it was only a preseason game. I have faith that the players will correct various mistakes and will play better next time. More importantly, I think the Texans will play better once the regular season starts. They have a two year history of playing poorly in the preseason before coming out of the gates with a convincing victory in the season opener. I am more concerned with how the Texans play against San Diego and if they can follow that hopeful win with another against Detroit.

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