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u have an excuse for everything, texans didnt show their playbooks, the steelers didnt show theirs either and we were down 14-3 with our starters. they are rookies, yeah their rookies for the whole year shut up with that. theyve been going up against big league talent through various camps. its not like dunta hasnt been going up against aj. theres a reason they have coaches, its to prepare the rookies. last week it was babin wasnt slow and lost, chicken littles are just crazy. game 2 over, still agree? its ok for hollings to fumble because he hasnt played much at rb,.........., if you dont like our postings shut your piehole and go to the astros board and convince people how they arent out of the race yet.
Dude, put down the Kool-Aid and take a deep breath.

Now take another one.

You do realize that the games don't count right now, don't you?

The sky is not falling.

Take another deep breath.
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