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Off topic ...
You don't want to get talk started around here about old original stadiums....
After all, Houston boasts the 8th Wonder of the World in the Astrodome.
It holds fond memories to so many who often wonder why it had its demise. And it really makes you wonder WHY when you see other old stadiums around the country... I've been to several .. Cleveland, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Oakland, Phoenix, Tampa, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, and the Pro Bowl stadium in Hawaii.
Example: San Diego, beautiful city, stadium a dump .. likewise Dallas. Phoenix Cardinals have been using ASU's stadium until they get a stadium of their own. In NY, shared stadiums by Jets/Giants. Why has all this been allowed by the NFL, when the Astrodome was deemed unfit?

But back to topic .... open stadiums vs Reliant types. Reliant was built in the style it is for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. They are the reason you don't see an open stadium here; something many football fans wanted! Believe it or not, they (Rodeo) are #1 tenants.. the biggest money maker at Reliant, not the Texans..
When February comes around, you'll see LaMar. You'll need to make sure you have your cowboy boots and hat by then ..
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