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Originally Posted by Number19
What this Chronicle report also cleared up for myself is that the terms Strong Side and Weak Side do not apply in the Texans' defensive scheme. Contrary to what is a common practice with other teams and defenses, the Texans do not switch their linebackers to fit the offensive alignment. As many of you others use, the proper terminology is simply ROLB and LOLB.
I would add a couple of things to Number19's comments.

1) While the Texans don't switch their OUTSIDE linebackers to adjust to changes in the offensive formation, they certainly do have a strong side and weak side, probably called by one of the interior linebackers. This call will be used for stunts and adjustments, such as the defensive linemen slanting to the strangth of the formation on a snap. I beleive Number 19 is suggesting that the term Stong Side and Weak Side Linebackers is inappropriate.

2) The Chronicle article and the quote from Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio suggest that the motivation for putting Babin on the left side is the fact that he is bigger than Wong ( ... at least 15 lbs) 'to take on bigger offensive players like the tight end and tackles.' While it is open to teams to line their tight end up on the left side (and the Texans won't switch their outside linebackers to counteract the move, although they may switch their strength call), most teams have right handed quarterbacks and accordingly would prefer to have their tight end on the right side most of the time.

The Texans approach reminds me most of the way I believe all teams line up their offensive tackles. The don't switch tackles just because they want to put the tight end on the left. In other words, although the left tackle is sometimes covered with a thight end, he usually is on his own.
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