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Robinson didn't look bad. He didn't blow any plays and allow a long TD. He went up against some excellent WR's like Burress, Ward, and Randle-El with no pressure on the QB. How would any NFL CB do in his situation? Sure he gave up position a few times, but with the way the refs were calling the contact on defenders how was he supposed to do any better? Robinson was right with his man every play and when his man caught the ball, Robinson brought him down right away.

One thing he showed last night was an ability to really lay a lick. On that play when he brought down Bettis, it appeared that Bettis looked to try to run him over but then decided otherwise. Robinson had broken down and was in position to tackle him. Had Bettis tried to run him over, I think Robinson would have laid him out judging how hard Robinson appeared to hit him as Bettis tried to avoid him. If a small CB is willing to lay a hit on a guy like Bettis, just imagine how he will be against most NFL RB's.
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