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Originally Posted by Texans Pride
They played horrible, they didn't bring thier A game, B game, I'm not even sure it was thier C game. I don't care if this is preseason game or not. There is no excuse for playing like this. This isn't year one anymore and I'm not going to make excuses for them like it is either. I also am not going to act like it was great we won last week, and no big deal that we got a freak'n A SS kicked last night.
I agree with this part.
I don't mind (in pre-season) if the other team manages to out execute us.
But we reverted big time to the form of last season.
Missed tackles, blown containment, no mental focus, missed assignments, no intensity, not being physical... these things need to stop if we expect to be a competitive team.
I am willing to give them a free pass since it is the pre-season, but these types of mistakes are unforgivable.
We need to learn to be somewhat consistent if we expect to win more than 5 or 6 games.
That being said, it is pre-season, and I expect things to improve greatly by the time the season starts.
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