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Default Anyone go to the Steelers game?

If you went to the game, please voice you opinion on the atmosphere and stadium in general of Heinz Field. I grew up going to Three Rivers Stadium, a football haven, with my father being a season ticket holder for 30 plus years. I remember the cold playoff games, the deafening sounds of the closed-in stadium, the long lines waiting for a single urinal in the men's room! After the new stadium was built, not only did it loose its' luster with the true ol' timer fans, it also lost some of those fans, due to the cost of PSL's, rising ticket prices, and the suite boxes! Not only did it loose the fans, the stadium was cheapened with the look and appeal of a College stadium, with pig troughs to urinate in and a open-end view to the city and river, that makes it one of the coldest places to play on the earth and the hardest to kick field goals in (Ask Kris Brown!). Were we just swine to the owners. Are they that cheap? I for one am able to compare the three stadiums I am really familiar with (Reliant, Three Rivers, and Heinz), ranking Reliant a close second to Three Rivers, only because of no winning tradition yet! Heinz Field seems to have a college atmosphere, and to many openings, not allowing the fan to be right on top of the field. Did you notice all the drunks on the circle stairwell? Did you notice all the younger fans with no real sense of what it was like to be a Steeler follower their entire lives? I know it was preseason, but believe me, it is mainly like that all year long. I recently talked with my family about the Dallas Preseason game, and they could not believe we sold the joint out, and it had a playoff atmosphere.....FOR A PRESEASON GAME! Although we have the same hurdles for hard working fans, PSL's, rising season ticket cost, and managements need for lsuite boxes, I hope we never loose our enthusiasm and our love for the Texans. I hope Bob McNair and the ciy of Houston never forget about the history we are building and the way us hard working fans support the team! This is the same tradition I would love to pass down to a lil' PittBull puppy someday, as my dad did with me 30 plus years ago! Voice your opinion about Heinz Field or other stadiums you are familiar with!
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