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The Texans looked like ... well.. like they were invited to a surprise party and when they got there were told they were going to play a football game.
Such total mis-mos!
They had practiced for NOISE during the week ... no problem with that! Steeler fans that were there either were laughing and talking, or fell asleep and then left early.

The refs were brutal on the Texans .... one sided all the way!

A couple bright spots ... JJ's run ... he is good at doing that in preseason and can't seem to get it together when it counts though.
We need Kendrick Starling ... does he have a chance of making the team?
And Hollings should have stayed in Houston with DD. He didn't have a chance out there. He didn't get any help. I felt sorry for him.

Other than that ... it was a beautiful night in Pittsburgh for a football game.
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