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Originally Posted by nunusguy
they made us look good last weekend. Then we had to go to Pittsburgh and
play a real NFL team. Even in meaningless exhibition games on the road, truly
good teams don't lose by 5 touchdowns. And good teams have some consistancy because with a certain level of talent , they don't get blown away when they're having an "off day" as we did last night. And I almost think the game plan was to avoid contact so as to avoid injury in preseason. Unless Hollings rib injury was serious, maybe that strategy worked. We might actually become a good team before the season is over - but we have a ways to go.
The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots lost by 4 touchdowns in a meaningless road exhibition to the Bengals yesterday. They missed by one touchdown so I guess they're a step above "lousy". In fact, didn't they also lose their season opener at Buffalo 31-0 last year? Amazing they were able to win a game after that.

Or maybe, just maybe, anything can happen week to week in this league.
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