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The broadcasters said the offensive line said that it was just one or two players not doing there job making everyone look bad. I've never heard the Texans finger point before. Please tell me that sort of thing isnt already starting. I have a feeling Wand was completely lost out there. Bottom line is the Oline had trouble with the 3-4. There blocks were breaking down as the running play moved laterally. The CB/LB corp. made several mistakes biting on the play fakes. Again, we get screwed on the officiating. Guess the memo about the Texans officially being off expansion probation didnt make it to the head officials desk. Personally, I like it when this sort of thing happens IN PRESEASON. This gives the players plenty to go over with time to correct mistakes. Capers said practice following a win was easier because everyone seems more focused. I would hope it would be the other way around.
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